Long Weekend Hacks – and the best Used Vehicles to get you there


With hot, sunny days and perfect weather on the horizon – there’s no finer place we’d like to be than at a cottage, trailer, campsite, or just plain close to the beach, where we can soak in some rays, rest and relaxation. While we’ve got tons of great ideas up our short, summer sleeves – here are a couple of our favourite tips and tricks for making life easier for your next summer vacation on the move – hopefully in one of our great used vehicles!

Homemade Fire Starters

Unless you’re a seasoned pro – starting a fire, and keeping it going isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. For a great DIY hack that will save you time and money, take an empty egg carton, fill the cups with dryer lint, and pour melted wax on top. Once the wax is dry, cut into 12 separate fire starters, and toss in with your kindling to get your fire going full throttle. Don’t have dryer lint or candle wax on hand? Fill the egg carton cups with sawdust and pour melted crayon wax over top – it works just as well, and looks even cooler.

Keys Please

Long weekend life often comes with lakes and beaches…and often no safe place to leave your keys. In order to help you stay afloat, we recommend making great use of the wine corks from last night’s dinner – by adding them to your keyring! Feed the corks onto an existing key ring loop and attach your cottage, home or car key to it…that way if you end up in the lake, your keys won’t be going straight to the bottom.

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